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Hi! My name is Nina, and I'm a Norwegian author and illustrator of children's literature. My first translated book is the fictional diary Hey, it's me! (Hei, det er meg!). The protagonist of this series of four books is a Norwegian girl named Oda Andrea. She is 12-year-old in the first book, but she grows older during the books in the series. The Oda-books are translated into several languages. (There is a list of languages at the bottom of the page.)


I have studied graphic design, and I have a Bachelor's degree in illustration from Southampton Solent University, England. In the years 2007-2009 I was a student at the Norwegian Institute of Children’s Literature in Oslo, completing a course in creative writing and children’s and youth literature. At present I am a full-time writer.


... and I have, a dream come true, now aslso been translated into ENGLISH! Well, I haven’t, but something I have written has. A short story called «RMS Titanic», published in the anthology ODYSSEY – Stories of Journeys From Around Europe from the Aarhus 39. (The international children's litterature festival; Hay festival, Aarhus 39.) The short story is accompanied by the talented Norwegian Ella Okstad’s beautiful illustrations. It is so exciting to see what images my words create in another person’s head!


" The most remarkable thing about these flawlessly translated and illustrated short stories – written by twenty-one different authors from all over Europe – is that, despite their diverse origins, the themes are still all universal… all surely a help to young people figuring out their place in the world." Inis Reading Guide


* Look inside the ODYSSEY and read more about it here >>


"I put my fictional characters through so many difficult, awkward and embarrassing situations. Not only because I love writing that stuff, but also to show my readers that they get through it."


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